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Garden GoodnessIts October. Harvest time. A time when you can wipe the sweat off your brow and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But heres the thing, its the modern era. Not all of us are spending our summer tending vegetables and bonding with mother earth. Were lucky to have enough time to grow herbs on our window sills in the summer, much less have enough harvest to sweat over come fall. But that doesnt mean you cant add a homey touch of the harvest to your Halloween setting this year.Product DetailsWith a rich, earthy color and realistic stem, this pumpkin would look right at home in a witchs kitchen along with her home-harvested herbs. The five-inch light-weight gourd will look great when paired with your living pumpkins or can be used as a centerpiece during fall get-togethers. Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!What is it about pumpkins that are so magical? Would Cinderellas escape be as believable if her carriage had been transformed from a watermelon? We just dont think so. If you want to keep your decor seasonal and classy while adding a mystical twist, this little pumpkin is a great way to go. The perfect size for adding a flash of color, youll find a different way of displaying this pumpkin year after year. 
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