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Lets face it. The world has gone to the Lemurs. Well, if you cant beat em, just join em. (At least thats what weve heard.) And fact of the matter happens to be, theres a prime candidate in line to join lemur nation. We hear that hes cute, knows all there is to know about strepsirrhine primates, and is ready to get his own tail too. Yup, thats right, its your kid. And its going to be lemur time for him!And all you have to do to send your boy or girl to Lemur class is to pick up this signature Lemur costume. Its made and designed by us, and if we may say so, its totally a ringer for those zoo famous animals. And its also available in sizes for toddlers and adults, so if you were so inclined, you could turn your entire family into an army of lemurs. And if thats not joining up with the winning team, then we dont know what is!This jumpsuit costume comes with a furry headpiece, and this soft ensemble is sure to turn any little one into a furry, friendly tailed creature. Short pile faux fur gives this costume an wild appearance, and with those yellow eyes, soft-sculpt nose, pointy ears, and signature ringed tail, any boy or girl is going to look like a real deal lemur by simply zipping up the suit. Outfit your kid with this signature costume, and we think it will be one small step for your child, and one giant leap for lemur-kind!
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