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DID SOMEONE SAY, PICNIC? The ant kingdom is looking for a new king or queen to lead them on their picnic pilfering missions. If youre an avid picnic-goer, you know it doesnt take long before the ant army arrives. Pretty soon, theyre engulfing the cole slaw container and hoisting up your sandwich crumbs and hauling them back to their ant hill. Although they show up uninvited, ants are ambitious little guys. As far as their concerned, a formal invite isnt required if they feel like crashing an outdoor family picnic. The all-black insects know how to take initiative too. Theyre capable of lifting 1,000 times their own bodyweight and they do so as much as possible. Your extra large piece of pie is no match for one of these little brutes. And if theyre unable to haul it away on their own? No big deal, theyll call their fellow ant buddies over to carry the pie away lickitysplit. The childs ant costume is perfect for boys and girls who love insects and possess strong leadership qualities because leading hundreds of ants isnt a piece of cake! Suit up to begin your reign as the ant king or queen. DESIGN and DETAILSOur team of costume professionals studied ant anatomy for months in order to accurately portray the bug. The foam constructed bodysuit looks like ant body armor on both the top and bottom of the jumpsuit, reinforcing the idea ants are strong. The rotund abdomen in back is stuffed, forming the large, circular shape, customary of all ants, not just the picnic variety. The shoe covers are attached to the bottom of the pants while the included antennae headpiece completes the look. THE ANTS GO MARCHING Get all your bug-loving friends to dress up as ants too, to take charge of your very own army of ants!  
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