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CANDY SHARKThe term, card shark, refers to a person who does just about anything to win a card game and the term, candy shark is a person who does just about anything to score some candy. We made up the phrase but think it sums up this costume perfectly. Instead of tracking schools of fish, kids will enjoy hunting for sugary treats dressed as the oceans apex predator. Navigating from house to house, theyll use their keen sense of smell and ravenous appetite to propel them on their journey for treats. Children are ruthless once theyre in full-shark-form, even more so than usual, refusing to stop the hunt until all candy pales are filled to the brim with the best chocolate. The childrens great white shark costume is perfect for serious candy collectors fascinated by the worlds deadliest predator. No flounder, guppy or goldfish will dare stand in your way once they see the double row of jagged teeth. Great for intimidation, but not so great when its teeth-brushing-time. Want to know how hard it is to extract chewy caramel from jaws like that? Youll soon find out!      DESIGN and DETAILSWe have many shark fans in our Design department who repeatedly watched shark documentaries to guarantee this costume is as accurate as possible. A Made By Us product, this costume is crafted from high-quality materials and features a full zipper in the front. Attached mitts cover fingertips while two rows of pointy teeth frame the face. A sturdy tail fans out from the back and included shoe covers complete the ensemble.       FIN Is your friend chomping at the bit to be included on your jawsome costume idea? (Two shark puns in one sentence? Woah, thats a lot, even for us.) If so, check out the kids hammerhead shark costume to become the most feared acquatic twosome now roaming on land too! 
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