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Koala LifeAhhhh. Hashtag Koala life. Were all about it. Cause what doesnt sound great about hanging out in the Eucalyptus forests of Australia? Its sounds so great, that were mighty inclined to suggest your own child give it a try!Which is why we created this kids koala costume right here in our own costume studios. Sure, its similar to a typical bear costume, but it comes in that gray shade that those Koalas are known for. Weve actually heard that koalas can be kind of mean, and not quite as snuggly as they look. But thats not to say your kid wont be perfectly adorable in this koala suit. Were sure they will be!Design and DetailsThis kids Koala Costume is, in fact, a Made by Us original costume from And we make our costume with extra attention to detail! Plush faux fur and quality construction means this suit is going to be ready for the big costume party.Styled as a jumpsuit, it zips up the front. It comes with mitts and shoe covers to complete the costume effect. The hood leaves the face exposed, so its easy to wear (and easy to snack on treats!) The oversized ears on the hood even have long hair, just like a real koala.The real dealGot any Euchalyptus leaves handy? Nah, he or she wont need em, because when your kiddo is suited up in this koala costume, theyre just going to be ready for fun. If theyve got a different animal in mind, we actually offer costumes for animals from all over the world. Build your own little zoo right in your own home, and were sure your kids will be the best group of critters, ever!
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