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April Showers Bring October FlowersWell, thats not exactly the saying, but still, look whats blooming this Halloween! October can be kind of dreary...the leaves are falling, the skies are darkening, and the wind is howling stronger and stronger with each passing day. Its a nice time for a bright pop of color and some super-cute cheer. This Girls Flower Costume for Toddlers will dim the shine on even the brightest Jack-o-lantern. Its cheerful, colorful, and totally sweet—just like your little gal! Its also bound to bring a smile to the faces of all who encounter her. And who knows? Maybe shell grow up to have a real green thumb due to this early childhood influence! Maybe shell become a landscape architect, or a farm-to-table chef, or design the worlds coolest new rooftop green space. You know never what lasting effects a fresh and fun first memory, like this costume, will have.Product DetailsGood gracious, this is one cute ensemble! It contains all the joy of a fresh flower, tucked into a tiny look for your tot. Its a sweet suit with a green, embellished, long-sleeved bodice, pink tulle tutu skirt, and yellow hood with a blooming pink petal halo on top. The whole thing has a subtle, glittery sheen and makes her look fresh as a daisy. But beware, shell likely throw a tiny tantrum when its time to take it off for bed! You can help by telling her that even flowers rest in beds...HA...get it? Flower beds? We crack ourselves up...Fresh PickSo skip the pumpkin tunics and vampire capes, this year. Let the witches and werewolves have their fun. Your special kiddo deserves a unique Halloween look—and this colorful costume is just the thing to brighten an otherwise eerie trick-or-treating night! 
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