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THREE PETS IN ONEWere not really sure how we came to be blessed with a set of conjoined hybrid twins, but these odd brothers certainly complicate the debate of "cats vs. dogs."  We cant quite say the war is won for either of them.  Cat is certainly clever but Dog is lovably cuddly! Of course, maybe the war isnt the point at all.  Maybe this is just all about double the pet for the price of one!  Well, if thats the case, who is to say that we shouldnt increase the fun even more with the addition of a third pet into this hybrid snugglefest?  PRODUCT DETAILSMake the wonder of a triple-pet a reality with this Pet Catdog Costume.  The full coat will not only keep your pupper warm but will give them the look of the iconic Nickolodean character Catdog.  The coat has the same golden-brown pattern and features Dog and Cat on either end of your pooch.  A REAL CUDDLE MONSTERAnyone who has tried to cuddle dogs and cats in one arm will attest to the fact that no creature in the cuddle has enjoyed the experience.  But, you can finally experience that when your pet is part of a snuggly hybrid with this Catdog Costume.  (Even more effective when worn by actual Catdogs for four pets at once!) 
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