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A DOWN-TO-EARTH SUPER-MANEver notice how often folks look up into the stars hoping to see someone flying down from another world, bringing with them a host of supernatural abilities to help save us?  There are a ton of alien folks that crash-land on the planet.  Of course, there are a handful of humans that are bestowed powers that come from far-off realms.  Still, its all pretty out there to hope that someone from a totally different planet would know how Earth really works.Fortunately, we do have at least one hero who not only comes from Earth but is pretty literally made out of it.  Maybe thats why hes one of the only superheroes out there that are really conscientious about all the collateral damage.  Those flying super-strong alien folks might help out, but if they leave behind a ton of broken buildings, are they really helping us!?  Thankfully, Captain Planet not only beats up the baddies but leaves the place fresh and clean! DESIGN and DETAILSOf course, gathering a bunch of magical rings bestowed by Gaia wasnt easy.  Fortunately, our in-house designers have a tireless work ethic.  By their powers combined, we can offer you this officially licensed Captain Planet Costume.  This exclusive look includes a jumpsuit with muscle padding, attached boot covers, and digital printing to give you the blue skin tone and planeteer crest.  The red gloves fit to your elbow and printed-on briefs will give you the classic superhero look that nobody could go without.  And, of course, who could forget your perfectly natural green hair wig!?  Find yourself some planeteers or just clean up the world with those epic abs!LOTS OF HEARTWe have provided the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to create this mystical Captain Planet look.  Youre going to feel ready to save the planet once you climb inside and wont find any trouble at all giving the Heart to finish off those powers.
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