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Keeping it CleanWant to keep that fog machine running like champ? Then you have to clean it! Like most things, your fog machine needs some general maintenance. You cant just run it like theres no tomorrow without giving it a good cleaning, but the good news is that it can be a breeze when you use this Froggys Fog Machine Cleaner.Product DetailsThis fog machine fluid comes from Froggys Fog, the folks who know everything about fog machines! Its designed for use in water-based fog machines and helps optimize the performance of your machine. It helps clean out any deposits that might be sticking around in the fog machines heating core. All chemicals are FDA approved.Easy Cleaning MethodUsing this cleaner solution is easy! Empty the machine of fluid and rinse out with distilled water. Then, add a cup of distilled water into the tank. After youve use up the water, turn the machine off and rinse the tank one last time with distilled water. After that, pour a cup of Froggys Machine Cleaner into the tank. Run the machine again until the cleaner fluid is used up and turn the machine off. Then, simply run another cup of distilled water through the machine and rinse the tank one more time! Finally, you just run a small amount of fog fluid in the machine to make sure its running smoothly!
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