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The Most Powerful CharmerA lot of witches have claimed the title of Most Powerful Charmer in the last few years. Its a proud title to bear. The Most Powerful Charmer is different than The Smooth Bubbling Brewmistress or The Greenfingered Enchantress of the Realm. This is a title thats a little more innocent but very powerful for manipulating everyone around. And while it took us by surprise, it totally made sense when Fida, the pupper was awarded this wonderful title. Shes been manipulating people from the moment she was a tumbling puppy and they dont even notice that they were being charmed! Now thats some serious talent!Product DetailsThis sparkly witch dress couldnt be any more adorable. The dress has a corset style top and fluffs out into a puffy dress that would cause quite the stir in Salem. The sheer netting, satin, and velvet texture create a lush look thatll make your dog proud. Its topped with a pointy hat with a little veil to announce your pups magical skills as soon as she trots into the room. Whippin Up Wish BonesWant a whole family of witchery. We can totally imagine you taking your little four-legged charmer on a walk while also dressed up as a witch, yourself. Because your dog knows that being magical alone just isnt enough fun. And honestly, if we were ever going to join a coven, itd have to be one that was heavily influenced by a pupper. Because we know a dog would know how to keep the fun rolling and would definitely stay away from dark magic. They know that instead of summoning demons, its a lot more fun to whip up another batch of those tasty, tasty wishbones. You know what they say, you cant charm on an empty stomach!
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