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Ready For Some Chaos? Dont get us wrong, here. Were certainly not suggesting that your four-legged friend is a villain. No way would your sweetest companion get into any trouble or dare try to do anything that they know theyre not supposed to! Were sure youve never shown up to the house to see food bags torn apart, the garbage pilfered, or your prized possessions wrought to ruin. Never, right!? Okay, so maybe there is a reason that we have Dog Shaming websites. Theyre so good at being cute and funny that we cant hold their wanton destruction against them for long, though. Kind of reminds us of some actual villains that we keep forgiving just because we cant get enough of them. Well, you know what that means. Time to put em together!Product DetailsMake sure that the world knows that your little prank-puller puts a big smile on your face by gearing them up in this Joker Pet Costume. This is an officially licensed animal shirt and hat that will transform them into the appearance of the notorious Joker from The Dark Knight series. Your pups feet go in the legs of the suit and stuffed arms and lapels give them the look of the frenzied Joker while the mop of wild hair makes it clear that this is the Heath Ledger version! Giving You a Big SmileNobody can be too serious while looking at a cute dog. (Even if theyve been up to mischief.) Make sure that your household is all smiles when your dog tromps into the room with this Joker look. 
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