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Do you ever look at your life and wonder how it could be more interesting? While your daily commute and normative lifestyle might sometimes bore you its easier than some of the alternatives. Not every gal has access to a top-notch education or an above-board, easy way to get that rent check in the mail. Sometimes, even if you have a heart of gold, you simply end up on the streets doing what a ladys got to do. A womans got to have pride and stay strong. After all, its not like a white knight is going to drive by and save you from this life anytime, right? Well, who knows, he just might show up. We dont want to be the negative nancy in this scenario. When he does lets hope hes a gracefully aging movie star type whos graying at the temples and virtually drowning in cash. We might also imagine that hes been so busy living life that hes never been in love so when your dashing smile touches his heart hell never want you to go back to your life of ill repute. Of course, its hard to believe that this will ever happen so in the meantime you should simply concentrate on walking in those high heeled boots without twisting an ankle. When youre imagining this less fortunate life for yourself its important to have the right ensemble. If your white knight is going to show up its going to be when youre wearing this blue mini skirt that’s connected to a simple white tank with a ring, a unique style to be sure! Wear it with pride and if those women in that fancy boutique judge you? Big mistake!
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