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Back To BlackLets set the scene. Youre in your penthouse apartment. Youre just toweling off from a swim in your infinity pool when an alert comes over your fancy secret smartphone that looks like a... hmm, it looks like a banana. Secret head honcho has a new mission for you. Its a benefit dinner hosting the whos who of your city. While youre there your mission is to find the saboteur who plans to steal some super important secrets that will have major consequences that we really cant get into right now. And hopefully, youll be able to grab a couple of those crustless cucumber sandwiches that they sometimes serve at these shindigs. Anyway. The question is, what do you wear to this gala. Some lady agents might go for a backless sequin number, choosing to hide in plain sight. Others might opt for a black cocktail dress. But you didnt become an agent just to trade in the classic black suit for shapewear and heels. No! You wear the suit, the suit you go back to again and again. Because youre going to find the saboteur, youre going to eat those tiny little sandwiches, and, by golly, youre going to do it with style. Details and DesignThis classic black suit is an easy win for your costume wardrobe. Made by Us, youll be able to wear it for plenty of costumed occasions. It features matching straight cut pants, a jacket, and a black necktie. Add your own sunglasses and a white shirt to complete the look. A Cast of CharactersWhen our creative department thought of this costume, we were delighted at how many costumes this one look represented. Spies and agents simply scratch the surface. Pair this look with white gloves and a Champagne bucket for a classic butler costume. Warm-up your vocal cords to become part of the 50s rat pack. Whatever youre buying this costume for, our bet is youll be coming back to it again and again!
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