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The Queen of MermaidsMermaids come in all shapes and sizes. Disneys Ariel is one of the most popular, of course. The Little Mermaid has become iconic in her purple shell bra and green tail. Then there are the more traditional sirens, who call sailors to their deaths in the waters below. These sirens are sometimes described as beautiful, other times as terrifying. But who says mermaids cant be both? If your mermaid lover at home wants to be strong as well as prettty, then check out this Girls Orca Mermaid Costume. This is a unique take on mermaids and is perfect for a child seeking a unique costume.Product DetailsThis childs costume takes the form of a mermaid and blends it with the sleek power of an orca. Fashioned as a dress, this mermaid suit is strictly black and white. The polyester has a sleek, almost leather appearance. The high collar is black and continues until the bust and torso, which are white like an orcas underbelly. A black stripe cuts the torso in half to accent the tail, which is represented with a ruffled skirt that flares around the knees. Two fins are attached at the hips. All thats left is the headband, which acts your orcas dorsal fin. Now your child is ready for the high seas!Hunter or Singer?How much of this costume is mermaid? How much of it is killer whale? That is up to your childs imagination! Thats the beauty of something that is unique. If its Halloween, your child may choose to go more sinister and be more beast than human. Or they may want to accent the magic of being a creature that has human intelligence but aquatic limbs. Either way, theyll be happy to have hands to hold their trick or treat bag!
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