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TELL EM WHAT YOU WANTThey asked us what we wanted. We responded in droves. We wanted musically gifted. We wanted non-stop energy, pomp, and cheer. We wanted optimism that would never age away. Millions rushed to the concerts, to the YouTube uploads, even to the coffee shop that showed up on an Instagram post about that one time months ago. Well, now we want more. What is to be done when the music drifts away and were still left wanting?  Maybe the laser-lights and overseas shows have ended, but that doesnt mean that the music is over. All we need is the right moment to reawaken the magic. We just need to tell them what we want one more time! So, were just going to close our eyes, here, picture all the power that comes from pop, bring some kind of magical lyrics to mind, and wish as hard as we can. Its bound to work, right!?DESIGN and DETAILSWe think that we might be onto something, here, because all we can do is look at this Sweet Girl Power Pop Star costume and think of how perfect it will be for you. Since it was wished into existence and Made By Us, you know the quality is top-tier. This light pink dress features an eyelet lace pattern, spaghetti straps, and is lined in jersey fabric for supreme comfort. The gold chain necklace reads "Baby" for that extra pop power. Just get yourself some platform sneakers and style that hair. Just say youll be there!TIME TO GO SOLOBeing a member of a pop group is a sure fire way to get your name known all over the world. Well, at least your stage name will be known. You might have to do some reinvention. Of course, if you just start off solo with a hit Power Pop look, youll be ready to spice up your life from the get-go.
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