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DRESS FOR THE TALENT YOU CHANNELMany of us have lofty daydreams about standing on the stage in front of thousands, performing our hearts, lungs, and legs out in a perfect trifecta of performativity, vocals, and dance moves that will be remembered for decades.  Now, for some, we might have the talent and the gumption to make that happen.  For others... well, maybe looking the part can help us get the fame that we would love to find. You might think that kind of success cant be touched, but with the right look, anything is possible!  Youll be gaining momentum towards your career, especially when the confidence that youll feel when you slip your arms into the golden threads of a pop star really cant be measured.  All youll need next is a good name.  Something that strikes folks with a serious impact, leaves them nailed to the floor in awe... DESIGN and DETAILSOur designers believe that nothing is unreachable, even the golden shine of stardom, and theyve turned this look out!  Become a true star in this exclusive Cant Touch This Pop Star Costume.  The oversized suit coat features a shiny black base and is lined in a golden brocade pattern of shiny sequins.  The harem style pants are of the same material with a very low crotch to ensure that your dance moves will never be forgotten.  Wear them high on your waist for an iconic look, but dont forget the elastic gold suspenders that cross over your chest for a look of true luxury.  This look is too legit to ever be stopped (though maybe we can work on that lyric). D.J. SCREWDRIVERWho knows what you might come up with to demonstrate your newfound musical success, but a stage name should be memorable and powerful.  No matter what you choose, this Pop Star Costume is bound to be a perfect match for you when you show the way you roll! 
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