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Outlaws out for funStealing from the rich and giving to the poor never looked this good! We dont quite know if the original Robin Hood was a sharp dresser. He almost certainly didnt wear the Robin Hood outfit that hes usually shown in, with the green tights and whatnot. Not that green tights really look great, but Robin himself probably wore typical medieval clothes, which means they were a serious bore. So, if we could do a little "robbing" and could make sure wed look our best while we were at it? Well, wed want something exactly like this Womens Sexy Heroic Hottie Costume! Directly inspired by classic Robin Hood suits, this number is styled for women to roleplay as the classic character while adding a unique twist. Product DetailsHoning in on the classic Robin Hood theme, this Heroic Hottie Costume is sure to add some sex appeal to Sherwood Forest. This costume comes with a hooded romper, a belt, a hat, and faux leather gloves. In classic Robin Hood olive green, the romper is designed like a mini-dress over hotpants, and features a v-neck with contrasting faux leather insets, detailed trim, and a laced placket. The elbow-length sleeves feature faux leather cuffs that coordinate with fingerless gloves. The belt cinches around the waist, and the hat tops off the look. The Robin Hood hat even features a feather, to pull together a style thats sure to inspire your own band of Merry Men!For Costume AdventuresAdventure costume fans all agree, hitting up Sherwood Forest as a Heroic Hottie is a top choice for Halloween fun. Just get yourself into this Heroic Hottie costume, and youll be ready for the fun! Be sure to shop for a toy bow and arrow prop while youre here to round out your outlaw look!
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