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His comedy will never go out of style and neither will his famous hair, eyebrows, and mustache. Our very own Groucho will always be remembered for his quick wit on talk shows and hilarious comedy routines and movies. Were pretty convinced that there are caterpillars out in the Amazon Rainforest that are even named after his gigantic bushy things above his eyeballs. Now if you ever need a quick disguise for a fast getaway or if you want to impersonate the great brother of laughs himself you know exactly where to get the glasses for it. Now all you need is a fancy old suit you can probably find in your grandfathers closet and youll be doing the best standup comedy the world has seen since the great himself. Dont forget to match the hair. For reference he looks a bit like a certain physicist tried to part his hair and comb it down but the hair ended up fighting back and now its stuck in a bit of a limbo.
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