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There are a lot of animals in the world (scientists count as many as 50), but very few of them are appropriate to base a flirty costume on. Some animals just don’t lend themselves to flirtiness at all. “Flirty Dog Costume” doesn’t gel because being called “dog” is rarely a compliment for people. “Flirty Sea Cucumber Costume” is even worse. Most people hate cucumbers because they are the worst kind of sushi. “Flirty Glyptapanteles Wasp Costume” might have potential, but we’ll never find out because we don’t know how to spell that even though we just did in this very sentence.Do you know what’s a good flirty animal? The mouse. Everyone knows what it is, it’s very cute, it runs around and eats cheese and outsmarts house cats. That’s nice. That’s good. You have to keep it simple when you’re coming up with flirty animals. Maybe there are still some good ones out there that we haven’t thought of, but we’re sticking to tradition anyway!Do yourself a favor and go with our Flirty Mouse Costume. Made from quality materials to facilitate flirting, its ruffled skirt, polka dots, and short, puffy sleeves all bring to mind no particular famous cartoon mouse. Supple velour ears truly bring the whole mouse element together -- so don’t leave home without them, because then you won’t be a flirty mouse at all. You’ll just be flirty.
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