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Dont be a damsel in distress. Be a damsel who knows self-defense!Okay, its true that things havent been turning out in you favor lately. We heard that youve been kidnapped, hidden in a lava-filled castle, and guarded by a tortoise-like monster. But dont worry, we have faith that things will turn around for you shortly. Weve also heard that a plumber (with a rather charming mustache) is on his way to save you. He just has to make his way through the treacherous kingdom in order to rescue you, so it may take a while. In the meantime, we urge you to fend off the turtle-monster for yourself. Thats right, we believe that you can kick butt even though youre wearing an evening gown! Just practice some quick slaps, elegant high kicks, and some other graceful fighting techniques of your choice so you can be ready the next time some scary creature tries to lock you away in a far away castle!Now you can make all your childhood dreams come true by dressing in this fancy costume. The beautiful princess dress is an all pink ensemble, which fastens together with corset-style lacing featured in the back of the dress. The off-the-shoulder garment is different shades of feminine pink, so it looks great on everyone. The gown is floor-length so wear your favorite pair of comfortable heels, just in case you need to run from the dreaded monster. But just remember, you dont always have to be a damsel in distress, because we know you can definitely kick some monster-tail too!
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