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The Ultimate Power-Up Whether youre traveling through the Mushroom Kingdom or exploring a more modern world, any plumber worth their power will be on the look-out for a couple of magical trinkets to bolster their adventure. They usually show up in a golden Mystery Box. Once in a while theyre hidden behind a musical Note Block or even stowed inside one of a thousand Warp Pipes. Unfortunately, we dont really have too many of those available here on Earth! Pretty unfair, if you ask us. The good news is that weve got an in from the various worlds of Super Mario and that means a few of those Power-Ups can find their way to you. Chucking fire is pretty dangerous, so thats kept under wraps. Turning into a frog is great fun but definitely offers limited mobility outside of the water. It is time to feel the wind on your face and take flight! You could go with a cape but we know that the best power out there is the wonder of the Raccoon! Product Details Transform in style with this officially licensed Raccoon Mario Cosplay Hat from Super Mario Brothers 3. The cap fits most and is bright red and plushy to boot. The Mario "M" is emblazoned on the front and adorable ears decorate the top! While you might not have the tail to tackle your missions or the genuine ability to fly, we know youll feel like soaring thanks to your Super Mario style. 
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