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Were Not at Shady Pines AnymoreCan you imagine the Golden Girls household without Sophia Petrillo? Because we cant! Her sassy attitude, surprisingly sage advice, and crazy backstories are a big part of the show. She may be a bit blunt (to put it mildly), but you know her heart is in the right place when it comes to Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche. She hides it under that tough Brooklyn exterior, but you know she loves them all as daughters, not just Dorothy. Rep the eldest Golden Girl in this super cute, officially licensed Golden Girls Sophia Costume!Product DetailsSophia always dresses with a classic style, and she doesnt shy away from a bold print! This crepe-style polyester dress is no exception. The soft pink fabric features a unique pattern that resembles a simpler paisley print. The lace collar is a sweet detail that really brings out the grandma side of this costume. Only the dress is included in this purchase, so have some fun picking out accessories! We do have a couple of white wigs that would suit this outift on our website, as well as some glasses frames. Make your own beaded chain, or raid the glasses stash of an older relative. Youre sure to find a pair or two! Some kitten heels and the purse of your choice (bonus if its wicker), and your Sophia is ready to party!"Picture it..."Take some advice from an old woman, and get this costume in your wardrobe! Whether youre partying with your own Golden Girls gang or going solo, this outfit is a classic that will never get old. Sophia has no interest in going back to Shady Pines. She is here to throw some insults, cook great food, and above all, have a grand time! Cant you picture it?
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