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Resembling RavenclawLook, we get it, as a Ravenclaw you don’t fuss about everything being perfectly just-so. Your wise and individualistic nature allows you to accept that nothing is ever perfect, and you should always stay true to who you are. However, if you’re individual style dictates that everything must match and be related to your environment, then we fully support going for it! Grab your Ravenclaw robe, necktie, scarf, hat, and Prefect badge before heading to class. But don’t forget these matching Ravenclaw socks to finish up your true-blue look!Product DetailsThese Ravenclaw Knee High socks are a great way to complete your Harry Potter character costume! The signature Ravenclaw-blue knit-socks are decorated with silver-grey eagles and, to ensure no one can mistake you for a Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw stitched in black at the top. The officially licensed knee-highs are made with a polyester-spandex blend providing a snug fit for men’s shoe sizes 5-8. With these quirky stockings in your sock drawer, you’ll always be ready to show your Ravenclaw pride!Ravenclaw ReadyWhether you’re going as a very proud Luna Lovegood for Halloween or just looking for a subtle way to share your love of Harry Potter and Ravenclaw with the world, these Ravenclaw Knee High socks are just the accessory for the job!
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