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Growing those perfect disco curls just isnt easy. It takes time to get the perfect length and it takes tons of expensive hair products just to get that pleasant puff of coiled curls that bounce with every dance move. Maybe thats why dazzling disco afros are becoming harder and harder to come by these days. Were here to change that with a revolutionary new product that will knock your socks off AND leave you itching to dance under the disco ball!This Dirty Blonde Afro Wig brings you the kind of hair style thats meant for spin on the dance floor. The synthetic locks are styled into the voluminous curls made famous in the 70s, so you should have no problem gaining the title of “Disco Queen” with your costume. Just make sure you know all the 70s dance moves before placing this wig on your head, because people WILL be expecting you to break out the Bus Stop when you wear it!
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