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If Only Theyd Look CloserWhen Aladdin is on the streets he wants to be seen for who he is instead of judged as a street rat. Now, it might seem strange but Jasmine wants the same thing. She doesnt want to be taken for some fragile princess who is just waiting for a husband. She wants adventure. And shes not afraid to go out and seek it. She climbs the walls of her palace without so much as a second thought, though she does look back and apologize to poor Raja. When shes out there she might not understand the concept of paying money for things but she knows when to act. When Aladdin tells her that its time to jump, she jumps. She even tries her hand at parkour! See, Jasmine might look right at home in a lush palace but if you look closer, shes so much more than a helpless princess!Costume DetailsWant to get wound up in the drama and majesty of Aladdin? Theres no better way than dressing up as Jasmine. This costume is from Disneys animated Aladdin with a few extra flairs woven in there. Shining jewel-toned fabric creates dramatic billowy pants and the classic cropped top we all mooned over as kids. Gold trim lines the dramatic wide collar, hips, and creates fringe along the belly. A sheer overskirt and sleeves are sure to create a gorgeous look while you enjoy your flying carpet (or Uber) ride!Not a Prize To Be Bargained ForJasmine was never a princess to mince her words, so why should you settle for a costume thats not quite up to snuff? This costume will make you feel like this fairy tale has come to life once and for all, no magic lamps or wishes required!
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