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Every kid loves Mickey Mouse. Thats a proven fact. Why? Well, its pretty simple. First of all, Mickey Mouse is a mouse (yeah, you probably already knew that), and kids love anything thats small and soft and cuddly. Real mice arent like that but mice like Mickey are! Secondly, Mickey Mouse has giant buttons on his pants, as if giant buttons are better at holding stuff together than regular sized buttons. We have no idea why this makes kids love Mickey more, but it does! Thirdly, those big giant ears. How iconic! One look at those ears and everyone, not even just kids, instantly knows its Mickey. Thats magic you cant buy! Mickey Mouse is a bundle of wonder for kids of any age, ready to journey into make believe for some wondrous fun!Well now your child doesnt have to sit there waiting for magic. Now your child can become magic on their very own! How? But dressing up like the mouse, the myth, the legend himself, Mickey Mouse! Your child will get to enjoy all the magic of the mouse: being soft and cuddly, having giant buttons, and big black ears to deliver that iconic shape! And then of course, your kid is going to cause some mischief. Yup, we didnt bring it up before because it usually turns people off from buying the costume but... well, your kid is probably going to pull the old Sorcerers Apprentice thing. They put on this costume and youre looking at a good 75% chance of magic broomsticks dumping water into your house forever. But, these things happen. And at least your kid will look cute doing it!Note: We are not responsible for any water damage as a result of this costume.
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