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Call Me, Beep Me, if you wanna reach meIf you watched Kim Possible when it was on air then a few things will ring true for you. For one, her theme song is still memorized somewhere deep within your brain. Secondly, you know that anyone, even cheerleaders, can have a little bit of grit. Thirdly, youve probably been trying to find the perfect Kim Possible outfit for Halloween for years now. Turns out, the best way to find a Kim Possible costume is making it official. And once youve done that, who knows what you can achieve! Kim has stood up to the likes of Warmongra, piles of sticky slime, and a super sassy archenemy, Shego. Your trials and tribulations will seem that much easier to overcome once youre rocking Kims crop top and combat pants! Think youre ready to finally take on this role? Turn up your beeper and get ready, you never know whats going to happen next when youre taking on the Kim Possible!Product DetailsThis costume is a live-action version of Kims crime-fighting ensemble. The costume features a black long-sleeved midriff top, high-waisted billowy pants that look great with a combat boot, a utility belt, and black gloves. Pair this outfit with perfectly "flippy" hair and people will instantly recognize you from their days of watching cartoons on Saturday mornings!Kim Possible Things Happen Every DayAre you ready to step into the boots of a hero? This costume will make your everyday villains feel easy to tackle. You could kick your habit of procrastination in the gut. Grapple with your resolve. Outmaneuver anything that usually gets you down when youre wearing this tough ensemble. Want to make this costume even more memorable? Pair up with Shego to create a partnership thats truly unstoppable!
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