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Can Ya Dig It?The soul of the 70s is always alive and ready to go the moment it is called. All it needs is a little flash, panache, and a funky beat to get those heels in the groove. Of course, ensuring that youve got the look thats going to last the night is just as important! For that, youre going to need something seriously cool. Something so stylish that folks will be remembering your look for fifty years! Thats right, you are going to need to pimp your walk. First, that means youre going to bend the knees with every step so you can get low and then stand tall. Next, youll need a tune that carries some deep base. With that kind of confidence, youre almost there. All you need are the right kicks!Product DetailsStep into style when you step into this pair of White Daddio Pimp Shoes. These faux leather loafers fit comfortably thanks to the inner lining while looking stellar and shiny, to boot. Transport yourself to decades past with a three-inch heel on top of thick platform height. Youll only be sliding into fun thanks to the anti-slip soles, so you can put all the focus into your moves and the rest of your Disco duds. Groovy ShoesIts important to be dressed to impress from head to toes. When youve got these 70s Daddio shoes, you can be sure that the toes are covered! 
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