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Bring the Game to LifeYou loved playing through the retro-cartoon-styled videogame, Cuphead: Don’t Deal with the Devil. Now, become one of the heroic, mug-headed, finger-blasting brothers for Halloween. All you need is this Felt Character Head and you’ll become Cuphead’s brother, Mugman! Luckily you won’t have a deal with the Devil to take care of this Halloween. Instead, you can simply enjoy going to all the costume parties as this cartoony videogame character.Product DetailsThis Mugman Felt Character Head is an officially licensed accessory and isn’t missing any of the details we all know and love. There are two giant cartoon eyes, a blue nose, and a big smile all printed on the front of this felt mask. The blue striped straw is attached to the top of the mask and a mug handle is attached to the backside of it. Lastly, the eyes are also made of a mesh material, which allows you to have limited vision while wearing the mask.Resist the TemptationsGo out this Halloween and enjoy all the fun of being this retro-looking videogame character that is sure to become a beloved classic one day. Just be sure not to get involved with any devilish deals, no matter how tempting they may seem!
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