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Dairy DiaryDay One: Theyve taken me out of the box, its cold but bright here. At least Im still with my brothers and sisters. There are others here as well. Ive met a nice fella named Chad Dar, he seems to know his way around this place. All in all, after the way things have been going, its been a gouda day.Day two: Someone has found my diary. Ive learned that cheese jokes arent welcome in this particular deli. This will be the end of me. Product DetailsTrue cheese fans have strong ideas about their dairy. Start the conversation with these swiss patterned leggings. With plenty of stretch and a delicious looking pattern, youll find plenty of excuses to wear these lovely pants. Let it BrieTheres no need to fret about integrating these leggings into a full costume wardrobe. From mouse costumes to a couples wine and cheese ensemble, youll find all sorts of reasons to slide these on. And the best part is, you can wear them again and again! In fact, you might finally have an excuse to host that fondue party youve always dreamt of. Its about time your Instagram goals and appetite started working together!
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