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Extra LimbsThere are plenty of cute creatures out and about in the deep blue. Seahorses, tiny jellyfish, and playful dolphins are all great mood boosters. But there is another side to the ocean, the more predatory side. While not necessarily a great danger to humans, we still get goosebumps when we see creatures like the goblin shark, angler fish, and the giant squid. If youre looking to prey on peoples watery fears at your next costume event, then you need a pair of these sweet, sinister One Size Tentacle Leggings. Its an easy way to add a couple of extra "limbs" to your costume! Product DetailsThese leggings are less about utility and more about looking like tentacles. You could wear them around the house just to hang out, sure, but we suggest you take them out into the wild public and cause a stir. Tell someone at the vending machines out front that you cant get one of the suction cups off your knee, then walk away. That impression will stick for days. But these work best as part of an undersea-themed costume. The polyester and spandex leggings feature those killer graphics and a stretchy waistband, so they should fit well even after you have your fill of sushi.
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