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Jane Of All TradesA friendly, sweet, fun-loving gal like yours doesnt have one Halloween party to attend, she has many! The invites poured in, and seeing as Halloween is her favorite holiday, the RSVPs were obviously "yes" to all of them. And being the dynamic, dress-up lover she is, shes planning a different look for each event—a kitty kat, a superhero, and a prima ballerina, just to name a few. Phew! Thats a lot of costuming to do. But have no fear—this Girls Black Bodysuit is here to save the day! The perfect base for a plethora of costume looks, this simple suit can act as a point of calm in a hectic Halloween storm. The best part about this item is that even when Halloween is said and done, your gal can use this item for dance recitals, school plays, and even as a useful layer under knit tops or other daily looks. Pretty perfect, huh?Product DetailsThis little piece is as useful as they come, with its basic black hue that goes with everything! It stretches to fit, and it has a snap closure for easy and quick costume changes. Long sleeves will ensure a cozy evening trick-or-treating. The whole look is polished and put together, regardless of what other costume accessories you pair with it!Fun for DaysWhy stop at Halloween? Your gal sounds like a costuming diva, and allowing her creativity to come out once a year seems criminal! Cmon! Encourage a constant stream of dress-up fun, with this black bodysuit as the no-fail base. She will have hours and hours of fun ahead of her as she imagines different ways to style this piece. Will she be a dog, a vampire, a bat, an acrobat, or a black cat? The list of possibilities is endless! 
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