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Mood: EtheralNot many garments call for sashaying, but this one does so if youve never sashayed before, start practicing now preferably in front of a full-length mirror. A runway lined with onlookers is another viable (although very extra) practice option.  Chances are if this skirt has attracted your attention then you already possess a certain je ne sais quoi. Its something almost indescribable but being that were passionate wordsmiths, we have to find the right word for it. Lets call it...pizzazz and girl, youve got a ton.This is the kind of garment to wear if your fashion goals consist of looking like a mix between an enchanted fairy godmother and a shimmering unicorn; the best combination we say! Calling all otherworldy ladies, this is the skirt for you.Product DetailsThis maxi-style skirt shimmers from top to bottom. A white ribbon which ties around the waist allows for easy adjustability, creating a flattering look for all shapes in sizes. Stylish, fashion-forward ladies will appreciate the slit which reveals the majority of your legs.Flattering FrillsAdding a few small accessories will only transcend the look further. Create a one-of-a-kind fairy godmother unicorn costume by picking up wings, a crown, unicorn horn, tights and matching iridescent bodysuit to complete the look.       
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