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Not a LeotardDid you take dance classes when you were little? Even if you didnt, you probably wore leotards because ballet, when youre five, doesnt require much more than a leotard and some music and all the sudden youre ready for the Russian stage. Well, soon enough you left your leotard days behind you. Well, that tucked in look is back and better than ever in bodysuit form. Weve left the boring pink, white, and flesh tones of those old leotards behind for colors in every shade and texture we could ask for. Because we no longer have a ballet teacher telling us what to do. We dance how we want. We wear what we want. And isnt that what we wanted all along?Product DetailsNot only is this a great way to build a costume, its a great way to build a wardrobe! With a snap crotch closure, its easier than ever to take comfortable bathroom breaks throughout the day. You can pair this halter strapped bodysuit with a pretty ballerina skirt or explore your options from fishnets stockings to high waisted jeans, you do you!Pretty in PinkThis lovely soft rose gold fabric will make you feel classy as heck. So whether youre sitting on a patio overlooking some kind of Riviera or youre heading out to a club with all your classy friends, youll feel confident in your lush look. Youre not only in the pink, youre golden! 
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