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Dreaming of a Dark Christmas Christmas spirit has never inspired the spark of happiness in Scrooge that it does in most of us. The first snow gets a big humbug because mid-winter calls for burning more coal. Carolers are just more noise on the London streets. And nonsense like presents and feasting is a ridiculous use of hard-earned gold! If it wasnt for the three spirits showing up at the businessmans house on Christmas Eve, he would have never known how great the Christmas spirit can really feel. Turns out, nightmares due to a strange bit of cheese can make a Christmas merry, after all!Design and DetailsOur creative team designed this dapper Scrooge costume to look right at home on the streets of Dickensian London. The costume features a sophisticated coat with a short capelet over the shoulders. A lush red vest underneath, paired with a cravat, your own black pants, and a sleek top hat will complete your grouchy look. Add a sophisticated cane and a humbug expression and youll be ready to face visiting Christmas spirits!Night To RememberScrooges Christmas Eve experience has been retold again and again for more than a hundred years now! This dignified Made By Us costume will have you looking cold as can be and ready for a change of heart. Consider checking out our ghost costumes to pair this costume with Marley and Marley or any of the other visiting spirits that changed Scrooges view of the world. Whether youre dressing up for a rendition of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol or you simply want an entirely unique way to show up to Christmas events this year, everyone will be able to recognize Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge once they see your top hat and hear you mutter that iconic Christmas phrase, "Hum Bug"!
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