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Groovy GetupDo you know whats truly frightening (to us, at least)? The notion that all Halloween costumes need to be scary to be effective. Not true! We find this cliched thinking particularly irritating because we know the grand scope of all the amazing costumes out there in the world. And this Plus Size 60s Mama Costume is just one of many that are totally delightful without being frightful.Dont get us wrong, we love a good vampire as much as the next person. But Halloween is a time to live your wildest dreams, like living in the 60s! The music, the politics, the history, the culture—the 1960s were a time like no other. Embody the groovy vibes and cultural celebration in this getup, and get out there and show Halloween whos boss!Product DetailsThis sassy satin dress has a back zipper for easy wear and a neckline, waistline, and sleeves all trimmed in silver sequins for 60s flair. Speaking of flair...this frocks sleeves are flared out for a fun and nostalgic silhouette, and the hem and sleeves are even trimmed with feathers. Far out! Did we mention the psychedelic floral print in hues of pink, blue, indigo, and yellow? Add a pair of gogo boots to this exclusive look and pay homage to the best decade ever!Throwback TreasurePieces like this dont come around very often. Its so vibrant and full of life, just like you! But it also proves our point that amazing costumes can steal the show even if they arent spooky. And what can we say? We love to be right. 
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